Answers to some common questions

How does Baby Diaries work?

When you create a diary on Baby Diaries you choose an email address for the new diary. Then to add a new entries simple send an email to that address.

You can attach photos or videos and they will appear as part of your diary entry.

Can I try it without paying?

Yes! Text-only accounts are free and we also include some free storage space so that you can experiment with photos and videos to see how it works.

You do not need to enter a credit card number before creating a free account.

My baby hasn't been born yet! Can I still create an account?

Yes! In fact this is the perfect time to create an account as you can include all the build up to the big day as part of your diary.

You can change the name and date of birth for a diary at any time so just use your due date as the date of birth and you can try out your current favourite names to see how they feel written down.

You can also change the email address but only if some one else hasn’t beaten you to it so if you know what your baby’s name will be, sign up now to make sure you get that perfect email address.

How many photos and videos can I attach to an email?

We don’t impose any limits so long as you remain with your storage quota or have enabled quota overages. However most email providers will have a limit, typically of around 25MB which is enough for about 10s of iPhone video or 10 iPhone pictures.

However our paid plans include support for iCloud links which means you can upload as many attachments or as much video as you want, so long as you remain within your quota.

What happens if I hit my quota limit?

If you are on the Free plan we will send you an email when you get close to your quota limit advising you that you will either need to upgrade to a paid plan or enable quota overages. Otherwise you will no longer be able to add any entries to your diary, even if they don’t contain images or videos.

Quota overages apply to any plan and are a pay as you go approach to additional storage. You will be charged per GB of additional data that you use at a rate determined by the plan you are on.

What if I have more than one child?

You can have multiple diaries. You can also be added to other peoples diaries whilst running diaries of your own. You can even send the same email to multiple diaries at the same time simply by adding each of the associated email address to the email.

Each diary has its own plan settings and quota.

What if I want to close my account? Will I lose my photos and videos?

We will be sad to see you go but we know how important these memories are so if you decide to leave us, give us a shout on help@support.baby-diaries.com and we’ll do our best to help you get all your files back out of your diary.